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Pet owners have a lot of responsibilities and the right reptile heat lamp is a priority. Otherwise, you risk the health and wellbeing of your favorite scaly companion. Furry friends usually get the most attention, but you do have many choices for a pet. In fact, about two million households have lizards instead of cats and dogs. That is why UV Light Paradise takes pride in selling the best reptile light options available. No matter where you have lizards living with you, choose us.

We ship our reliable reptile lamps all over the United States. Whatever your pet needs from us, we guarantee the best results every time. 

The Best Reptile Heat Lamp for Sale

Those who are new to the world of owning lizards can sometimes feel overwhelmed by their options. You can’t purchase just any UV light bulb for your new pet. It takes the right spectrum of light to keep your lizard happy and healthy. Otherwise, your pet  could end up feeling depressed, cold, or even experience symptoms of malnutrition. Your UVB lamp plays a significant role in your pet’s overall well being every day. Make sure you purchase the best reptile light possible for your pet, such as:

  • 70-Watt Bulbs
  • 100-Watt Lights
  • 160-Watt Bulbs
  • 275-Watt Lighting

Whether you have bearded dragons, geckos, iguanas, or other lizards, we have the perfect lamp for them. Find the ideal wattage and bulbs for any pet terrarium, all at affordable pricing.

When you have at least one pet lizard, you’ll still likely need multiple bulbs. Creating a designated shade spot in their enclosures is also a wise decision.

No matter what requirements are needed for your pet, our 70-watt UV bulbs are great for new entrants. Balance your existing reptile lights, or begin building your pet’s terrarium today.

Some lizard owners think their search is over after finding 100-watt UVB bulbs. Unfortunately, not all are made equally and some wear out in only a few days.

We ensure these products offer as much use as possible at affordable pricing. Keep your lizard happy and healthy with our selection of lights.

You would expect that the higher the bulb’s wattage, the more heat it will produce. However, that isn’t always the case, and some don’t provide UVB light.

If your pet doesn’t receive the right spectrum of light, they won’t generate enough vitamins. Make sure you purchase the best UVB light bulbs and order yours from us.

At 275-watts, these products sometimes are called “Zoologist Bulbs” because they’re applicable for captivity use. Even if you don’t have an entire zoo enclosure, these are a powerful UV bulb.

When nothing but the best will satisfy your favorite scaly friend, we carry many options. Give your lizard professional-quality heat and light exposure with our selection of lighting products.

Is a Reptile Bulb’s Wattage the Same as its Heat Output?

In the past, a bulb’s wattage was a decent indicator of its strength. At one time a 100-watt bulb would produce more heat and light than a 75-watt one.

However, fast forward several decades, and that is no longer the case for pet owners. Unfortunately, many people still continue to shop for their lamps under this impression.

Newer products offer about the same amount of longevity but produce different bands of light. Some bulbs even recreate moonlight, helping your lizard get some rest at night. The wattage you need depends on many factors, from lizard species to how many lights are needed. Make sure you purchase the best setup possible for your pets and choose us today.

What Light Do My Lizards Need the Most?

Lizards are adapted to both see and use more types of light than humans can. In addition to their cold blood, sunlight helps them produce vitamin D3 from UV radiation.

Vitamin D3 is required to not only maintain healthy behaviors but for bone health as well. If your pets become deficient in D3, they can suffer through many different illnesses.

Unfortunately, not all owners understand which products offer the best results. Some may even unknowingly harm their pets by using UVA only or with too much heat.

As a result, we only stock the lizard lamps and bulbs that offer guaranteed results. Give your pets the care they deserve and find the best reptile lights with us.


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What are the Most Common Pet Lizards to Own?

Like any other type of pet, lizards offer a lot of unique choices to consider. Some are relatively hands-off, while others demand frequent attention from others.

Since lizards can live in a variety of biomes throughout the world, many species exist. However, they all have their traits, quirks, and requirements to keep them all healthy and happy.  

No matter which type lives in your home, we offer superior lighting products every time. Give your pet the best selection of lamps and bulbs that are ideal for your favorite:

  • Gecko Species
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Long-Tailed Lizards
  • Skink Species
  • Green Iguana
  • Chameleons
  • Monitor Lizards
  • Water Dragons
  • And other smaller reptiles.

Even many amphibians and snakes can benefit from our UV bulbs as well. No matter what kind of lizard you own, you can rely on us for their lamps.

How to Determine Your Pet Lizard’s Lighting Needs

Some pet owners purchase one lamp per lizard, even though that often isn’t enough. It’s important that you factor in a range of variables to nail your required light output.

That includes how many lizards, their size, nutritional needs, and enclosure dimensions. Even what type of lighting bulb filament you purchase determines how effective it is.

With all of the many things needed to be considered, new owners quickly become intimidated. Luckily, purchasing your reptile lamps and bulbs from us always feel simple.

No matter what lights are the best choice for you, we offer affordable products. Keep a smile on your lizard with our selection of UVB bulbs.

The Best Reptile Lamp

Researchers have observed reptiles for many years to learn what their heating requirements are daily. They spend their time during the day moving from sun to shade, so you need to have the proper lamps. It isn’t wise to blast your pet with intense heat and radiation all day long. The goal is to offer as close to their natural environment as physically possible.

While you may not have the background or resources of a zookeeper, you do have us to help you. Purchasing your bulbs and lamps from us is the best choice for pet owners. No matter what kind of lizard you own, we have the best lighting available. Choose UV Light Paradise for any reptile bulbs.