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When you have a pet bearded dragon, lighting takes the highest priority. Without the right type of bulbs and lamps, your reptile doesn’t receive enough nutrition. Not every shop sells the right components for your bearded dragon heat lamp and enclosures. Luckily, we continue to assist pet owners from small towns, and beyond. When you need a new UVB light for bearded dragon cage, choose UV Light Paradise. As your trusted name in reptile products, we always have the perfect bulbs and lamps for your pets. Whether you are a new owner or have had pet lizards all your life, choose us. We guarantee the best heating lamps for bearded dragons and other scaly friends.

The Best Bearded Dragon Lighting Products

Since they hail from the arid regions of Australia and Tasmania, bearded dragons need heat. Proper ownership will provide your pets with light mimicking different times of the day.

During the day, they need heat slightly above room temperature to mid-80 degrees. However, the bearded dragon basking temp is closer to 100˚ Fahrenheit.

At night, they need a break from the intense UVB light and require something darker. Evening temperatures should be around the low 70s to keep them feeling at home.

No matter what part of their heating schedule you struggle with, we can help. Find the best selection of lighting bulbs and lamps for any bearded dragon pet owners.

Bearded Dragon Day Lamp

As cold-blooded creatures, lizards rely on the heat of the sun to power themselves. When they don’t get enough light, their body won’t function as efficiently as it should.

We ensure that your bearded dragon day lamps mimic a hot and dry summer day. Keep your lizards warm all year long with our selection of day-like lighting products.

Bearded Dragon Basking Light

When lizards bask, they are doing more than raising their internal body temperature. They also are absorbing a lot of vitamin D3 and charging their metabolisms.

That is why it is vital to create a dedicated basking area within their enclosure. Make sure your lizards are as healthy as possible with our affordable reptile lamps.

Bearded Dragon Night Light

Not all lizards need nighttime lighting, but others can benefit from it. These bulbs produce lower levels of UV and light outside the visible spectrum.

That mimics what they would see and absorb at night from the moon and stars. If your bearded dragon is a light sleeper, consider choosing these bulbs.


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What Bearded Dragon Lamps and Bulbs Offer the Best Setup?

Some pet owners will go for smaller enclosures because they fit better in a bedroom. However, that doesn’t always offer your lizard the type of environment they need most.

Much like a zoo, it’s up to you to recreate their natural habitat from Australia. That often means choosing a terrarium that can hold dozens of gallons.

While you could set your bulbs on timers, it’s much easier to create dedicated zones. Making a spot for shade, basking, and daily activities offers the best enclosure possible.

The Best Bearded Dragon Lighting Products

When you aren’t certain where to start or need to upgrade your enclosures, choose us. UV Light Paradise always carries the reptile lamps and bulbs you need at affordable prices.