Mega Ray Bulb UVB 275 Watt

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The Mega-Ray 275-Watt Bulb offers the highest output with minimal decay, outperforming all of the others. As the largest bulb in the series, it creates a true flood of lizard light.

These bulbs are the zoologist’s preferred choice in creating realistic animal enclosures. Make sure your reptiles receive the best mixture of UV lighting with these 275-watt bulbs.

Mega-Ray 275-Watt Bulb Features:

  • Full-Spectrum Reptile UVB Light
  • Promotes Healthy Bone Growth
  • Minimum Distance: 34”
  • Maximum Distance: 46”
  • Only Use with Wire Lamp

Fixtures: All Mega-Ray bulbs require a ceramic base and require a higher amount of wattage and voltage than the bulb you need. An example: If you need a 100 watt 120 volt bulb, the fixture needs to hold over 100 watts for the best results. CAN NOT BE USED ON A DIMMER or IN A DOUBLE DOME.

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Mega-Ray 275-Watt Reptile Heat Lamp 

The Mega-Ray 275-Watt reptile lights take your pet enclosures further with zoologist-like bulbs. While they still produce the UVB lights that lizards need, they also expand the bulb’s reach greatly.

As a result, your reptiles receive sunlight-like amounts of full-band lighting all day long. When you need to offer your pets their best enclosures possible, choose these bulbs.

Mega-Ray 275-Watt: More Than a Basking Light

While the smaller bulb sizes generate targeted light and heat, larger ones work the opposite. They expand by flaring outwards, offering a broader range of exposure safely.

When hung from the appropriate distance, your pets feel as though they live outdoors. You will see a notable improvement in your lizard’s overall behavior and wellbeing with these lights.

In addition to acting as a reptile UVB light, lizards receive other bands as well. These bulbs also produce safe levels of UVA and infrared radiation to mimic natural sunlight.

When pet store-grade lighting won’t do, give your reptiles the zoologist’s choice in bulbs. Give your lizards the power of the sun without taking them outdoors.

Mega-Ray 275-Watt Features:

  • Recommended 34” – 46” Distance
  • Self-Ballasted Par-38 Flood Lamp
  • 120-Volt Light
  • 30” Illumination Circumference
  • Not Intended for Dimmers/Rheostats

Zoo-Like Reptile Enclosures at Home with Mega-Ray

These bulbs have kept reptiles happier at home for over 40 years. Today, they continue to provide sunlight-like bands of heat, light, and radiation.

Researchers today know that lizards generate Vitamin D3 and other nutrients from direct sun exposure. When indoors, pets simply can’t get the same benefits as living in arid climates.

With these bulbs, your pet receives plenty of UVA, UVB, and IR lighting all day long. Best of all, these Mercury Vapor bulbs outlast all of the others for superior daily performance.

Give your lizard the enclosure that they deserve with these affordable lamps. See why your pets prefer Mega-Ray 275-Watt bulbs for their overall health and wellbeing.


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