Mega Ray Bulb UVB 70 Watt

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Your pet’s shade lamps are now powered by their favorite bulbs. Mega-Ray 70-Watt Bulbs pack a lot of heat and full-spectrum lighting into a smaller package.

These products are ideal for offering UVB and warmth, even in cooler areas. Keep your reptiles happier all day with these lower output lizard lights.

Mega-Ray 70-Watt Bulb Features:

  • UVA and UVB Output
  • Full-Spectrum Reptile Lighting
  • Mercury Vapor Bulb
  • Ideal Basking Light
  • Small Reptile Friendly

Fixtures:All Mega-Ray bulbs require a ceramic base and require a higher amount of wattage and voltage than the bulb you need. An example: If you need a 100 watt 120 volt bulb, the fixture needs to hold over 100 watts for the best results. CAN NOT BE USED ON A DIMMER or IN A DOUBLE DOME.

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Mega-Ray 70-Watt Bulb Reptile Lights

The Mega Ray Bulb 70 Watt is the ideal heat lamp for reptile owners. With the lowest wattage, it acts as a basking light or a primary heat source.

Why the Mega-Ray 70-Watt Bulb is the Pet Owner’s Choice

In addition to providing your reptile UVB light, they receive UVA and IR as well. This ensures that even the smallest pet gets the proper care they deserve.

These bulbs act as true full-spectrum UVB lights, so it keeps pets healthier as well. There are never fears of Vitamin D3 deficiency or proper bone development again.

This is the original high-output reptile light offered in a small bulb. From basking spots to daily sunning, the 70-watt lights are ideal for smaller enclosures.

The smaller wattage makes it the perfect accompaniment or starter bulb for your enclosure. Keep pet lizards, large and small healthier with a full band of daily light.

Mega-Ray 70-Watt Features:

  • Small Enclosure Friendly
  • Produces Heat and Light
  • Minimum Distance: 9”
  • Maximum Distance: 18”
  • Enclosures 20-Gallons and Up

The Best Reptile Lights Use Mega-Ray Bulb

Since 1982, reptile owners around the world have preferred Mega-Ray bulbs. In addition to offering a Mercury Vapor bulb, this is the smallest one available.

Don’t let this bulb fool you because it still packs a lot of full-spectrum illumination. Mega-Ray is also known for its pet safety, keeping your lizards from dangerous UV levels.

Whether you have geckos, bearded dragons, or young lizards, these bulbs are ideal. No matter what lives in your enclosures, these lights offer daily heat and comfort.

Use the Mega-Ray 70-Watt Bulbs in direct and indirect lighting areas without worry. See why these lights are the preferred choice for reptiles, large and small.


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